What is custom programming?
Custom programming is functionality we add to your web site that is not part of the MightyMerchant Platform and relies on programming languages such as javascript, php, or jquery. These are all computer languages that have complex logic and syntax.
Most of your web site is created with “markup” languages like CSS and HTML that cannot perform logical operations, but simply display text and pictures in different formats. Your web site is also largely driven by built-in programming that is part of the MightyMerchant Platform feature set.
If you opt for features that require custom programming, we will tell you that the feature you have requested requires custom programming.

What are some examples of custom programming?
One area which often requires custom programming is importing data from spreadsheets or other sources for display on your web site or conversely sending data from your web site to your accounting program, warehouse, or supplier. Because the data formats involved are always different, we have to write a custom program to process the data. Integrations with third-party services and products, interactive elements on your web pages, or special processing or calculations that are tailored to your business model may sometimes require custom programming.